Never give up!
8 dagar sedan
Rafa Benitez slips!
22 dagar sedan
That’s gotta HURT!
29 dagar sedan
Felix Kuil
Felix Kuil 12 timmar sedan
Great shot Vincent kompany
Sunita Saha
Sunita Saha 12 timmar sedan
I thought he will miss it
Simon Asgeirsson
Simon Asgeirsson 12 timmar sedan
what about joe hart against united? when he ran across the whole pitch
justtry shop
justtry shop 12 timmar sedan
0:36 giroud is respecting his future club so didn't celebrate the goal
Bayzeed Kakar
Bayzeed Kakar 12 timmar sedan
Imagine if he had slipped and missed the goal 🤣
Mohamed Abdullahi
Mohamed Abdullahi 12 timmar sedan
at 9:30 who scored konsa or mings
Kirchenglocken TV
Kirchenglocken TV 12 timmar sedan
Imagine he missed the goal 😂
Show Haber
Show Haber 13 timmar sedan
Is this real ? Van dijk: Yeahhh
Pineapple Fingers
Pineapple Fingers 13 timmar sedan
As a Liverpool fan, I hate playing vs Creswell, just knowing he can find his striker's head no matter how small is a big worry for me. Top top player, might deserve a call up better than Chilwell I'd say.
Goli 31
Goli 31 13 timmar sedan
Well since that video suppose to insult players (a lil bit) maybe u should focus on players who play on the front of the formation coz i saw few ppl (even from looserpol that i hate) that were iconic on their position at their time and putting claude makalele ho has played on DMC entire carrier, slaven bilic the defender oven hargreaves who spend more time curring injuries then playing on the pitch and all the defenders are fucking joke... Understand putting depay,affelay and ofc donovan who were winger stricker, offensive midfielder and fucking stricker (omg)...
R.B.P DZ 13 timmar sedan
The first goal is like an anime goal mahrez
Qasim Afzal
Qasim Afzal 13 timmar sedan
wait gini played for newcastle???
Sean Ward
Sean Ward 13 timmar sedan
This made by a villa fan, too many blues clips in here lol.
Liu 2.0
Liu 2.0 13 timmar sedan
Im so funny 😂
Ukraine [ROBLOX]
Ukraine [ROBLOX] 13 timmar sedan
the thumbnail tho
MrRodzilla 13 timmar sedan
if any player on this list sees this and feels bad they can look at the ronaldo miss and understand that it happens to the best
limericklad2000 13 timmar sedan
How about a video of players scoring against the future clubs and then against their past clubs? How many players have done that?
MrRodzilla 13 timmar sedan
2:21 i have a feeling this guy was desperate to end his scoreless streak
Varun Mishra
Varun Mishra 13 timmar sedan
I think he will forget to kick the ball😎😎😎
Sniper Riftz
Sniper Riftz 13 timmar sedan
Imagine Missing
mjaf03 14 timmar sedan
WOAHHH can you believe it!?!!? ❤️
Ravi Shukla
Ravi Shukla 14 timmar sedan
Oh that's why Pickford took revenge from Virgil by injureding him😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂
19401 Malik Rayyan Usman
19401 Malik Rayyan Usman 14 timmar sedan
one of a kind
one of a kind 14 timmar sedan
3:07 The goal of luis Suarez was great. What did he eat to make such a goal. Wayne Rooney?
Canady Canady
Canady Canady 14 timmar sedan
Cavani will join the list soon
Galuh Prastya
Galuh Prastya 14 timmar sedan
If you score against Liverpool, you will be recruited
funny TikTok’s OPZ
funny TikTok’s OPZ 14 timmar sedan
Yess arran creswell is on here coyi
thefuckesTThink 14 timmar sedan
Xabi Alonso and Pepe Reina are fascists. Shame!!
MikkelCh 14 timmar sedan
4:41 bad goalkeeping
ryanator_109 14 timmar sedan
Lmaoooo that ronaldo one
BORN FOR FOOTBALL 15 timmar sedan
9:05 miss prime chelsea with willian and hazard🤩
fabien louvel
fabien louvel 15 timmar sedan
and they're all magnificent !
Show Haber
Show Haber 15 timmar sedan
Angelo Di Carpi
Angelo Di Carpi 15 timmar sedan
A sos re troll
Mano N
Mano N 15 timmar sedan
They had me until the climax
MedSou 15 timmar sedan
*Dear person who may be reading this* . . 👇 *I wish you a beautiful life abundance and health*
Dan Bosten
Dan Bosten 15 timmar sedan
There's an imposter amongst us 07:15
J C 15 timmar sedan
I wonder if anfield will still boo sterling after covid
Rathurshan Rajeekaran
Rathurshan Rajeekaran 15 timmar sedan
7:13 lol that's such a cold celebration
Aruna 15 timmar sedan
The fact Rooney's in here TWICE with goals from the halfway line...
the cultured refrigerator
the cultured refrigerator 15 timmar sedan
Ibrahim Hassan Mohamud
Ibrahim Hassan Mohamud 15 timmar sedan
10:17 Fernandinho scored a goal for Manchester City in 03/04🤔
Chris Chan
Chris Chan 15 timmar sedan
why is there so much difference between rio and antonio LMAO
Meriem TUB
Meriem TUB 15 timmar sedan
Mahrez 🔥
Thordur Breki
Thordur Breki 16 timmar sedan
Jesus the media and this account obv live up citys arse, 3 city wins. Obv because they were such rare occasions when they did
Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar 16 timmar sedan
If deception was a football clip
kaleem rana
kaleem rana 16 timmar sedan
2:49 well this wasn't funny this was just disgraceful and pathetic. The way he went down holding his ribs as if he had been fouled, just pathetic!
kaleem rana
kaleem rana 12 timmar sedan
@Cassie true
Cassie 12 timmar sedan
The dry railway methodologically disapprove because arch supply judge including a agreeable titanium. hard-to-find, tested keyboard
AFAL Talks
AFAL Talks 16 timmar sedan
*The Admin is right it's because of our expectations 😌..*
Jann Fiete Arp
Jann Fiete Arp 16 timmar sedan
Mahrez completely obliterated that City defense 😭
PRanxter is Gaming
PRanxter is Gaming 16 timmar sedan
Sterling's goal was good
CLD Adam
CLD Adam 16 timmar sedan
Atleast he didn't miss...
Thando Manana
Thando Manana 16 timmar sedan
Leicester's strategy hasn't changed one bit and its still amazing to watch and scary when it happens to your team😂
Arvind Gill
Arvind Gill 16 timmar sedan
I thought he was gonna miss😂😂
Thando Manana
Thando Manana 16 timmar sedan
The real question is Arsenal 2015 or Arsenal 2018?
Thando Manana
Thando Manana 16 timmar sedan
That Kompany goal will hold a dear place in my heart right mext to AGUEROOO, and the heartbreaking disallowed Sterling goal against Spurs in the UCL
BarcioM 16 timmar sedan
If you can’t beat them buy them
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 16 timmar sedan
2021 approaching fasting month reliving these magic goals.
Habesha ቤሎ
Habesha ቤሎ 16 timmar sedan
These are normal goals
Youssef Amr
Youssef Amr 16 timmar sedan
That Maguire goal is really weird to watch now considering he is our captain 😂
Chidubem Modilim
Chidubem Modilim 16 timmar sedan
Thought he was going to miss it ngl😂😂
Awang Bagas
Awang Bagas 17 timmar sedan
That s a content
JOEY CHEANG 17 timmar sedan
Iwobi looks weird without his long hair
Clutten 17 timmar sedan
4:58 Draco Malfoy age 53
Cassie 12 timmar sedan
2:50 I don't even know there exist round red cards.
Hellblazer 17 timmar sedan
Under 100kg non injured confident Hazard...what real payed for, not what they got
Johan Cruijff
Johan Cruijff 17 timmar sedan
what idiot ever contracted that maquire with zero talent
Ted Pomeroy シ
Ted Pomeroy シ 17 timmar sedan
Raheem *the dream* sterling 🟥 🦅---> 🟦 🚣‍♂️
Fredderic Blair
Fredderic Blair 17 timmar sedan
PL is the most entertaining league if u see the la liga it's soooo dull and boring..
Eden 18 timmar sedan
Mane pace should be higher
Taky Dean
Taky Dean 18 timmar sedan
Riyad mehrez of course we hope yousif attal joined the Premier league soon ;) 1 2 3 viva algeria 🇩🇿 ( El tarf)